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At BetaPlus Group Solutions our primary objective is to achieve the maximum investible portion of our clients Employee Benefit Total Funding, at both company and employee level. Through reducing unnecessary or excess costs and ensuring that we utilize all available funds through this process, we commit to delivering the best possible return on our client’s investment, thereby facilitating the success of our clients business, and the optimal retirement ability of our clients employees.
Our aim is to not only ensure through the review of our comprehensive range of services, that we are able to consistently achieve our objective, but to retain recognition as South Africa’s premier provider of truly unsurpassed financial, insurance and investment services.
BetaPlus is Effective

Our team of specialists has developed South Africa’s only proven, comprehensive method to enable truly synergized Employee Benefit and Corporate Wellness Programs. Our modern approach enables us to always establish the simplest, most affordable, effective investment solution so that we can optimize the contributions paid by your organization and each staff member, which in turn facilitates the best possible retirement and return on all individual and group investments.
BetaPlus is Efficient

We eliminate the frustration of dealing with multiple service providers by providing you with a complete investment and portfolio management solution under one roof. Our comprehensive services are fully integrated to enable maximum efficiency and we are the only point of contact that you will ever need.
BetaPlus is always Adding Value

At BetaPlus Group Solutions we believe that personal wellness facilitates financial fitness – both for the individual employee and the organization as a whole. By ensuring the optimal synergy between short and long term health and financial strategies, we assist to ensure a more productive and successful business for you, with a tangible return on your investment.